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Homework refers to the work that is completed outside normal class time, at home or in school during lunchtime or after school sessions.  At any given time these might include any of or a combination of reading, writing, learning, revising, problem solving or investigative research. Not all homework involves writing; it may be a practical exercise or a learning task.

In Key Stage 3 some subjects set weekly tasks whilst others will set a longer task over two or more weeks. The length of time required for each Homework Task will vary, and students will be advised by their class teacher on how long to spend on each piece. All tasks will be set according to the Homework Timetables (see below) and will be published for students and parents on Show My Homework. 

Students in Key Stages 4 and 5 will receive varied tasks to match the controlled assessment, coursework and examination requirements of the various examination specifications. 


Homework Timetables for 2018-19

Year 7 X Band

Year 7 Y Band

Year 8 X Band

Year 8 Y Band

Year 9 X Band

Year 9 Y Band

Year 10

Year 11