Cleeve School


Cleeve School values the contribution that every child and young person can make. The school welcomes a diversity of culture, religion and intellectual ability and strives to meet the National Curriculum Inclusion statement in delivering the curriculum to:

  • provide suitable learning challenges
  • meet the students diverse learning needs
  • remove the barriers to assessment and learning

Provision for students with SEND is a matter for the whole school. In line with the SEND Code of Practice, Cleeve School will:

  • ensure that all students with SEND are offered full access to a broad, balanced and appropriate curriculum.
  • provide for the individual needs of all students with SEND and ensure their progress in mainstream education in order to maximise their achievement.
  • ensure that the needs of students with SEND are identified, assessed, provided for and regularly reviewed.
  • take the views and wishes of the child into account.
  • work in partnership with parents to enable them to make an active, empowered and informed contribution to the education of their child.

View Cleeve School's Annual SEND Information Report 2017-2018.

For the 'SEND Cleeve School Local Offer' and the 'SEND Policy' please visit our School Policies.

SEND Co-ordinator key contact 

Mr Liam Edwards: (Assistant Principal: Inclusion, Safeguarding and SEND) at