Cleeve School

Behaviour For Excellence


At Cleeve School, we believe in creating a culture of exemplary behaviour.  We know that good behaviour is intrinsic to success, supporting not only better academic outcomes for our students, but also having a positive impact on wellbeing and mental health. 

Part of our role as a school is to transform the lives of our students for the better, helping to raise informed, wise young people who are scholars and citizens in a flourishing society.

In the end, everything is behaviour.'
William Glasser: Choice Theory



The STRIVE principals set the standard for how we behave, how we learn and how we treat each other within the school community.

START NOW - Helps us to understand the importance of being ready to learn at the start of every lesson.

THINK DEEPLY - Guides our approach to learning through listening, asking questions, digging deeper into topics and persevering.

RESPECT ALL - Celebrates the differences in our classrooms, the importance of supporting each other and not disturbing the learning of others.

INDEPENDENT - Reminds us we are in control of our own time and how we use it to develop our knowledge and understanding of topics.

VOCABULARY RICH - Prompts us to use our best subject vocabulary in our written and verbal work, using words correctly and answering in full.

ENGAGE FULLY - Emphasises the importance of actively taking part in all learning opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom.


Find out more about the STRIVE principals here:

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We support students to embody the STRIVE principals through daily reinforcement in the classroom and throughout the school.  Our systems of Roll Call and Standards Cards help to ensure that students are ready to learn and enjoying a productive learning environment.  You can read more about our approach to behaviour management here.

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