Cleeve School

COVID 19 Lateral Flow Testing Information

In line with the latest Covid 19 Government guidelines, all students on their return to the school site will be encouraged to take part in Lateral Flow Testing. 

 Lateral Flow Testing- At Home

The latest stock of Lateral Flow Testing (LFT) Kits has been delivered to school and will be distributed to students via their tutor groups.

As masks are no longer routinely required in school, testing becomes even more important in helping us to identify and contain any cases within the school population.  While testing remains voluntary, we would encourage as many students as possible to continue with this process.  If you do test please remember that you must report the results via the NHS website  and we also ask that you notify the school via the reporting tool on FROG.

Years 11 and 13 are now only in school for their exams and therefore will not be meeting in tutor groups.  Year 11 students who wish to test can collect a kit from their College office; Year 13 students can collect one from the 6th Form office.

Test kits are also widely available, free of charge, from all local pharmacies or from the public test site in the Cheltenham High Street.  Further information on where you can collect a free testing kit can be found at

We would like to thank all parents, guardians and students for their continued co-operation in the testing process; this is helping us to keep everyone safe, cases to an absolute minimum and the school fully open.

For full NHS instructions on how to self test, please click HERE. 

Step by Step Guide to COVID 19 self testing

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child(ren)s College/Year Leader.