Cleeve School

Cleeve Cosmos Festival 2023

In July 2023, Cleeve School will host the first ‘Cosmos Festival’.   Designed to help students develop plans for their future education and career choices, the festival will be a two week celebration of success.   We will be hosting experts from across a range of fields as part of the event - sharing success stories from local businesses, parents and former students.  

Students will have the opportunity to sit with experts from leading Universities and successful businesses and ask them anything they would like to know!  Workshops will be run across several new and exciting topics, designed to allow students to access knowledge and information that supports their ambitions for the future. We will be joined by Universities and Higher Education Institutions, local businesses and Gloucestershire schools from the Cheltenham Education Partnership.  The festival is also a chance for our own students to showcase their talents and interests. There are no ceilings to what our students can achieve!


the cleeve cosmos festival programme 2023.pdf