Cleeve School

Welcome to the Cleeve Training Hub

Cleeve Training Hub, launched in 2021, is the fantastic new teacher training facility based at Cleeve School and Sixth Form Centre of Excellence. 

We were extremely excited to welcome our first intake of Trainee Teachers in September 2021, who are  undertaking courses in Secondary education and specialising in a range of subjects. 

The brand new, £1million purpose-built training facility, acts as a learning hub for our trainees where they benefit from the wealth of knowledge, experience and the support of Cleeve School staff. 

Over the years, Cleeve has developed excellent relationships with other schools, universities and teacher training providers and this has allowed us to support many trainee teachers on their journey to gaining that all important qualification. Our invaluable partnerships with surrounding schools allows us to offer a range of placements and teaching opportunities to our new aspiring teachers. 

As a large school with excellent facilities, we are able to offer some brilliant opportunities to our trainee teachers. To support such a large cohort of students, we have a wide range of subjects on offer, delivered by large departments. These departments are made up of excellent teachers, who will support trainees as they develop and progress. 

About Cleeve School...

Cleeve School and Sixth Form Centre of Excellence is a Secondary Academy with over 1500 students aged 11-18, based in Gloucestershire, at the foot of the beautiful Cleeve Hill.

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The brand new £1million Cleeve Training Hub centre...

The Cleeve Training Hub is located in a purpose built area of the school. The building is light and airy with five teaching rooms. Two of these rooms can be turned into one large teaching and multi-purpose conference space. The teaching hub includes a range of technology that can be used to support teachers as they perfect their skills, experiment with their practise and collaborate with others.


Benefits of choosing Cleeve Training Hub...

  • Trainees will experience an immersive school experience; spending the majority of their time in school, either in the classrooms observing or teaching, or during their training sessions every Friday allows trainees to really understand 'school life'.
  • Trainees will become part of the team; aside from spending time with their mentors, trainees will be able to visit other departments, the staff room and by walking around the school site, they will get to know other staff members which helps when building those all important relationships. 
  • Future job opportunities; although a job at one of the placement schools isn't guaranteed, the relationships built throughout a trainee's time in school will certainly help put them at the forefront of any recruiting department's mind. They will already have built up a level of trust and rapport with their chosen department and will have demonstrated their teaching and classroom management skills outside an interview situation. 
  • Wealth of experience; Trainees will learn directly from current teachers who have a range of experience and skillsets. The teachers they are working with, will have also entered the profession through a range of different routes. 
  • Excellent facilities; As a large school, we benefit from a wide range of brilliant facilities including the £1million Training Hub, £5million Sixth Form Centre of Excellence, Cyber Hub, indoor and outdoor sporting facilities, Science lab, Design and Technology workshops plus much more.