Cleeve School

cleeve School Vision

Our students are our greatest asset and they become our greatest legacy.

Our community and nation prospers in their hands as future citizens and leaders, visionaries and innovators.

We believe in providing our young people with an inspiring and stimulating start in life, so that they develop to be the very best they can be, contributing successfully within society as confident, responsible, happy, knowledgeable and independent adults, with the right skills and aptitudes to thrive as life-long learners, where they fulfil their dreams and very highest ambitions. 

Cleeve School achieves this by offering a values-based and highly aspirational school environment which inspires a love of learning and knowledge through the highest standards of teaching and extra-curricular provision. We set our expectations very high and constantly try to exceed them. By nurturing and enriching partnerships, we grow stronger and embrace the community we serve. We recruit the very best staff and invest in them because they help to shape and create the future. 

Cleeve School provides an exceptional education for our students. We remove barriers, open doors of opportunity, nurture curiosity and ignite a joy of learning so that our aspirations for everyone are the very highest they can be.   

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