Cleeve School

Staff email addresses

For general enquiries, please email
Below are details of how to contact individual staff members. Listed are the Senior Leadership Team,  teaching staff and key contacts for student support and the school office:




Mr A Richards Executive Head -


Mrs S Gande Head of Key Stage 3 School and Behaviour for Excellence SHG

Mr B Slatter Head of Key Stage 4&5 and Curriculum for Excellence BAS

Mrs C Sheppard Deputy Head: Key Stage 3 CLS

Mrs C Croxall Deputy Head: SEND, Inclusion and Diversity CLC

Mr L Edwards Deputy Head: Safeguarding, Behaviour and Culture  LFE

Mrs E Padley  Associate Assistant Head: Key Stage 3 EJP 

Mr J Nelson Assistant Head: Key Stage 4 JDN


Mr C Holder Assistant Head: Key Stage 4 CMH 

Mrs A Frape Assistant Head: Key Stage 5 AYF

Mrs V Pearce

Assistant Head: Director of Literacy 


Miss H Myers

Associate Assistant Head: Class of 2025



Mr M Gray

Director of Finance and Services

Mr P Baker

Head of Operations and Facilities


Year 7 Team

Miss I Farrel Head of  Learning - Year 7 IJF


Mrs K Johnson Student Support Leader - Year 7 KVJ


Miss E Davidson Head of  Learning - Year 8 EED 

Mrs G Clipsom Student Support Leader - Year 8 (Mon-Thurs) GLC


Mrs E Haile Student Support Leader - Year 8 (Fri) EDH 
Mr G Peacock Head of  Learning - Year 9 GXP 

 Mrs R Clapton  Student Support Leader - Year 9 RJC 

Mrs J O'Regan Head of  Learning - Year 10 JOR 

Ms R Poyntz-Wright Student Support Leader - Year 10 RPW 
Mr J Sparey Head of  Learning - Year 11 JRS 
Mrs V Pickering Student Support Leader - KS4 VMP


Ms S Lyddon ReStart Centre Co-ordinator/Student Support Lead SLL 

Miss J Rowe Head of Learning - Year 12 JLR 

Mrs A Wade Head of Learning - Year 13 AYW 

Miss A Taylor Student Support Manager: KS3 ART 


Ms E Smith

Student Support Manager: KS4/5


Mr N Peterken Head of Post 18 Pathways and Futures NRP 

Mrs Lian Bates

Inclusion & Careers Manager



Miss N Brooks

Head of College: Attenborough



Mrs S Gow

Head of College: Holmes SCG 

Mr G Fradgley

Head of College: Nightingale



Mrs A Cyrson

Head of College: Rowling



Mr N Wood

Head of College: Shackleton



Mrs K Holliday

Assistant SENDCo


Miss J McGiff

Assistant SENDCo


Mrs E Haile

Pastoral  Administrator 

Mrs B Lorraine

Pastoral Administrator 

Mrs H Fowler

Pastoral and SEND Administrator 


General Enquiries  

Sixth Form 

Mrs J Morgan PA to Executive Head JCM 

TBC Governance Officer  

Ms J Gardiner Education Welfare Officer JXG 

Mrs L Crabb Head of Marketing & Communications LKC 

Mrs F Semiao

Trips, Enrichment and Marketing Officer FXS 

Ms L Cobbe

Marketing and Communications Coordinator LJC 

Mrs L Johnson

Sixth Form Centre Administrator and Attendance Officer for Years 12 and 13 only LEJ 

Mrs L Hickman

Attendance Officer (Years 7 - 11 only) 

Miss V Richardson Exams Officer VJR 

Finance Enquiries 

SIMS Parent App Enquiries 

Student and Parent/Guardian Data Enquiries 

Cleeve Sports Centre and Hire Facilities 



Miss C Haigh Head of Art CAH OR 

Ms C Anderson Teacher of Art CEA 

Mrs S Gow Teacher of Art SCG 

Mrs C Jones  Teacher of Art CAJ 

Mr M Prior Head of Business and Economics MGP OR 

Mr T Aldred Teacher of Business and Economics TWA 

Mr H Bessant Teacher of Business HRB 

Mr S Bragg Teacher of Business and Economics SXB 

Mr B Slatter Teacher of Business and Economics BAS 

Mr S Badger Assistant Head:  Computer Science and Digital Learning SBB OR

Mr O Dhaliwal Teacher of Computer Science OXD 
Mr A Sharp Teacher of Computer Science AXS 
Mrs A Launchbury Head of Design and Technology ASL   OR 
Mrs G Bozwell Teacher of Design and Technology GNB 
Mr M Rees Teacher of Design and Technology MGR 

Mr C Staite Teacher of Food Technology CRS 

Mr R Ward Teacher of Design and Technology RJW 

Mrs L Bailey  Assistant Head: English and Literature LJB OR

Ms K Durbin Deputy Head  of English: KS3 KAD 

Miss A Parsons Deputy Head of English: KS4 AXP

Miss A Butler Assistant Head of English: KS5 T&L Outcomes AXB 

Mrs C Tustin-Armstrong  Assistant Head of English: Raising Standards and Outcomes CLT


currently on maternity leave

Mr C Ryland

Lead Practitioner Teacher


Mrs K Bennett Teacher of English KYB 

Mrs S Gande Teacher of English SHG 

Miss S Harrop Teacher of English SLH

Miss A Jones Teacher of English AKJ 

Mr C Klinkosz-Quinn Teacher of English CKQ 

Mrs J O'Regan Teacher of English JOC 


Ms E Oxley Teacher of English EEO

Mrs H Pouncett Teacher of English HMP 

Miss T Rust Teacher of English TJR 

Mrs H Steger 
Teacher of English HLS 

Mrs S Taylor  Teacher of English SXT 

Mr J Nicol Head of Ethics JPN OR 

Miss C McVeigh Teacher of Ethics & Philosophy CMV 

Mr G Peacock Teacher of Ethics & Philosophy GXP 

Miss J Rowe Teacher of Ethics JLR 


Mr C Ryland


Head of Film Studies CJR OR 

Miss K Amey Head of Geography KLA  OR

Mrs E Austin-Goodall  Teacher of Geography EJG

Mrs R Meech Teacher of Geography  RLM

Miss H Myers Teacher of Geography  HLM 

Mr N Peterken Teacher of Geography  NRP

Mrs R Slatter Teacher of Geography RCS 

Mrs C Jenkins Head of Health and Social Care CLJ OR

Ms F Price Teacher of Health and Social Care FEM 

Mrs H Wray-Nolan Teacher of Health and Social Care HGW 

Mrs E Chatten Head of History ECC OR 

Mr T Alban-Jones Teacher of History TCA 

Ms R Feather Teacher of History RLF 

Mr A Gilbury Teacher of History AMG 

Miss S Roch Teacher of History SPR 

Mrs C Anderson  Teacher of Law CLA OR 

Mrs C Anderson Head of Life Skills CLA OR 

Ms C Sanderson Assistant Head: Maths and Numeracy CES OR

Mr M Naylor Deputy Head of Mathematics  MAN 

Mr N Uzzell Deputy Head of Mathematics  NRU


Miss E Carlton Lead Practitioner Teacher EKC

Mr G Fradgley Teacher of Maths GAF 

Mrs E Holdaway Teacher of Maths EJH 

Ms A Magon Teacher of Maths ANM 

Mr J Nelson Teacher of Maths JDN 

Mr J Oliveira Teacher of Maths JOO 

Miss J Rose Teacher of Maths JHR

Miss V Rowan Teacher of Maths  VXR 

Mrs H Stevens Teacher of Maths HCS 

Miss H Sturton Teacher of Maths HJS


Miss M Swinburn Teacher of Maths MSS


Mrs S Nicholls Director of Languages  SEN OR

Mrs A Boreham Teacher of French AMB 

Miss N Brooks Teacher of Spanish NLB


Mrs A Cyrson Teacher of French AMC 

Mr J Herrera Teacher of MFL JPH 

Mr S Kemp Teacher of French SRK 

Mrs E Yilmaz Teacher of Mandarin EXY 

Mrs A Zhuang Teacher of Mandarin AXZ 


Miss R Reddington Assistant Leader for Outdoor Learning RER 

Mr C Bayliss Assistant Leader for Outdoor Learning CJB 

Mr J Haggett Head of Performing Arts JTH OR 

Mrs S Jones Head of Drama SEJ 

Miss D Mander Teacher of Performing Arts DMM 
Miss C Richardson Teacher of Music CNR 

Mrs C Sheppard Teacher of Music CLS 

Mr J Hunt Head of Physical Education JRH OR 

Miss J Lepore Deputy Head of PE JLP 

Mr C Bayliss Teacher of Physical Education CJB 

Mr S Bragg Teacher of Physical Education SXB 

Miss I Farrell Teacher of Physical Education IJF 

Mrs A Frape Teacher of Physical Education AYF 

Mr C Holder Teacher of Physical Education CMH 

Mrs E Padley Teacher of Physical Education EJP 

Ms P Johnson Teacher of Physical Education PVJ 

Mr J Sparey Teacher of Physical Education JRS 

Mr N Wood Teacher of Physical Education NFW 

Mr R Bright Head of Psychology RGB OR 

Mr S Pourabbas Teacher of Psychology  SXP  

Mrs G Hencher Assistant Head: Science and STEM GAH OR 

Mrs K Carroll Teacher of Science KEC

Miss J Carruthers Teacher of Science JEC 

Miss E Davidson Teacher of Science EED 

Ms K Kendry Teacher of Science KYK


Miss M Kurteva Teacher of Science MGK 

Mr R Mirams Teacher of Science RJM


Mrs C Morley Teacher of Science CAM 

Miss R Reddington Teacher of Science RER 

Mr M Squire Teacher of Science MJS

Miss K Sworn Teacher of Science KAS


Mr A Talbot Teacher of Science APT

Mrs A Wade  Teacher of Science AYW 

Mrs H Watt Teacher of Science HJW

Ms B Willey Teacher of Science BEW 

Mr N Wood Teacher of Science NFW 
Mrs N Edwards Head of Sociology NLE OR