Cleeve School

Course Overview

At the Cleeve Training Hub we offer a Middle and Secondary level Teaching Qualification and have aspirations to offer a Primary level course from September 2022. We can support Trainee Teachers to reach Qualified Teaching Status (QTS) in a range of subjects enabling them to become qualified teachers at a Middle Years (7-14 ) or Secondary level (either 11-16 or 11-18)

Our course allows trainees to learn on the job and become part of the school community.  Our training centre provides an inspiring base for training sessions which cover all core content needed to achieve QTS and is delivered by experienced and current staff at Cleeve School and partner schools. 

Training is held every Friday to our cohort of trainees, which ensures that Monday-Thursday, trainees are immersed into school life.  We endeavour to make our training as accessible as possible to all trainees and therefore there will be potential to access remotely and independently as well as attending the new training hub. 

We pride ourselves on our engaging curriculum, which endeavours to be as interactive as possible and highly relevant and up to date regarding the national educational context.  In addition, we seek out opportunities beyond Cleeve School allowing trainees to experience different educational settings and to benefit from our partnership with the University of Gloucestershire.