Cleeve School


Every student is expected to have the following items for their school day:

 Waterproof school bag
 Pencil case* 
 Two blue/black pens
 Green pen
 Two pencils
 Pencil sharpener
 A 30cm ruler
 An eraser
 A compass
 A protractor
 A set of coloured pencils
 A scientific calculator - Casio FX-83GTX or Casio FX-85GTX
 Cleeve student feedback pack (provided)
 Knowledge Goal booklet (provided)

* NB from September 2023 this will need to be a clear 30cm pencil case.

All equipment should be clearly named.

Students can purchase items of stationery from Student Reception should they need to.   They can also replace items for their feedback packs:

Pens £0.20
Pencils £0.20
Small Ruler £0.20
Large Ruler £0.30
Protractor £0.20
Pencil Sharpener £0.20
Eraser £0.20
Set Square £0.20
Compass £0.50
Scientific Calculator £12.00
Small Exam Pencil Case £1.00
Large Exam Pencil Case £1.00
Gum Shield £2.00
Knowledge Goal Booklet (KS3 students only) £1.00
Reading/Learning Record £0.50
Student Feedback Pack (with wallet) £2.50
Student Feedback Pack (without wallet) £2.00
Fundamental Knowledge Booklet (Yr 11 only) £3.00
Individual Feedback Pack Items
Whiteboard £1.00
Whiteboard Pen £0.30
Whiteboard Rubber £0.70
Red/Amber/Green Cards £0.15
Plastic Popper Wallet £0.50