Cleeve School

Home School Agreement

Cleeve School Home School Agreement 2023 - 2024



I will:

• Arrive at school every day by the first bell at 8.40am, dressed in accordance with our uniform policy with the correct equipment and ready to learn

• Attend every lesson, on time

• Strive for Excellence in every lesson ensuring that I: Start Now, Think Deeply, Respect All, am Independent, am Vocabulary-Rich and Engage Fully

• Do my homework to the very best of my ability and meet all deadlines

• Follow staff instructions without question

• Allow others to get on with their work without disrupting their learning

• Make a positive contribution to the Cleeve School community

• At all times, show courtesy and respect towards all members of the school community

• Abide by all school rules and understand that there will be consequences if I fail to do so

• Not use my mobile phone around the school site

• Not be involved with, or bring, an illegal drug or weapon onto the school site and understand that doing so could lead to Permanent Exclusion

• Understand the importance of reading and bring an appropriate book to school every day. I will also read for at least 20 minutes at home each day

• Remember that I am part of the Cleeve School community at all times and I will therefore behave appropriately outside school and on the journey to and from school



I will:

• Ensure that my child arrives at school by 8.40am every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesdays, I have noted the different start time and will ensure that my child is in school by the required time (Year 11: 8.30am, Years 7-10 plus Years 12 and 13: 8.55am)

• Ensure that my child is properly equipped for lessons each day. I understand that uniform violations may result in my child being sent home

• Check Class Charts and ensure that my child meets all homework deadlines

• Demonstrate to my child the importance of treating staff and other students with respect and courtesy

• Not plan holidays or absences during term time

• Support the school’s policies and accept the consequences for misbehaviour, making alternative arrangements for my child to get home if they are set an after-school detention or issued with a suspension

• Read the Cleeve School Behaviour for Learning Policy and Drugs Policy which are available on the Cleeve School website:

• Attend parents’ consultation meetings and discussions about my child’s progress

• Value the importance of reading and ensure that my child spends at least 20 minutes every day reading an appropriate book.



The school will:

• Be a safe and tolerant environment, where students can access consistently excellent Teaching & Learning

• Work with students to realise their individual potential, providing a balanced and ambitious curriculum which meets their individual needs

•  Set meaningful homework which extends the learning of students

•  Care for each student’s safety and well-being

•  Insist on high standards and hold students to account for their actions by enforcing all Cleeve School policies and setting sanctions for those who do not follow them

•  Keep parents/guardians regularly informed about general school matters and about students’ progress through reports, parents’ evenings and phone calls home, and contact parents/guardians if there is a problem with attendance, punctuality or behaviour

• Respect parents/guardians, students and their views