Cleeve School

How to Apply

If this route into teaching appeals to you, you can apply for one of our courses working in partnership with University of Worcester via

As part of the application process, you will need to nominate two referees. If invited to interview, you will be required to complete a short task on the morning of your interview and a subject knowledge audit. Following this, you will have an online interview which will begin with you conducting a four-minute presentation followed by formal interview questions. Information about the presentation is sent in advance.

We pride ourselves on our personalised service and speed of communication and endeavour to let you know the outcome of your application and interview as quickly as possible.

Work Experience

Before you apply, unless you have had some in school experience previously, we recommend getting in touch with us to organise some work experience within a department of your choice. If you have several interests, it is worth mentioning this as there will be scope to teach different subjects once you are qualified- your specialism doesn't solely define what you can teach!

You can apply to undertake some work experience with us, or other accredited schools in the area via the link here.

Subject Knowledge Enrichment (SKE) Courses

If you have a degree in one subject, for example Mathematics, but have a real passion for another and would therefore prefer to teach that, we will ask you to complete a Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) course. These courses are free to the trainee, range from 8 to 28 weeks long and are completed online at your leisure to fit in around work commitments.

These courses can only be offered once a place at Cleeve Training Hub has been offered and we recommend mentioning that you would be looking to complete a SKE in your application.


There are currently bursaries on offer for shortage subject areas including Physics, Computing and Maths. The amount of bursary and subjects offered changes annually, so please click here for the most up to date information regarding this funding. 

Requirements for Application Processing

In order to complete the application process and offer you a place on the course, we require candidates to provide the following information:

· Photo ID

· ORIGINAL certificates for your qualifications- if you do not have the originals, please ensure that you have obtained these before applying as they can take some time to arrive. You can contact your original exam boards to request new certificates for a fee.

· Full eligibility to be able to study and work in the UK.

· If you have legally changed your name, please ensure you have the correct documentation to prove this.

· If your qualifications have been achieved overseas, we will require them to go through a process of comparability to ensure that they meet the requirements needed to enrol.

To check your overseas qualifications, please visit the ENIC website to check this before applying: ENIC Website

University of Worcester:  Equivalency tests 

Top Tips for your Application Form

  • Show us your passion for your chosen subject; 'For the bursary' or 'because someone told me I should' do not constitute good reasons to choose a particular subject! We need to know that you have a strong interest in your subject in order for us to believe that you will be passionate about sharing it with young people. Teaching a subject is a fantastic way of exploring your own curiosities and delving deeper into your research so make the most of it!
  • Tell us WHY you want to work with young people; This may sound obvious, but you could be highly dedicated and interested in your subject but if you don't make it clear that passing this knowledge onto students is your priority, then maybe teaching isn't for you. Teaching is about so much more than what happens within the classroom so show us that you understand the pastoral element and that teaching is about going above and beyond...
  • Choose your references carefully; We require two references on an application and ideally one of these should be an academic reference. If this isn't possible, make sure the alternative reference is timely and relevant to the course that you are apply for. For example, if you've been working as a teaching assistant for the last 3 years, but choose not to give your current employer as a reference, this may give the wrong impression.
  • Demonstrate your willingness to learn; We don't expect you to know it all, and this is why we're here but if there are gaps in your knowledge or things you recognise as weaknesses, then show that you are willing to work on this. Once you have been offered a place, the SKE courses (mentioned above) will become available to you so tell us that this is something you would be happy to undertake.