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We are thrilled that you are joining the Cleeve School community and over the coming months, we will be doing everything we can to ease the transition from Primary School to Secondary.  We will be sharing lots of useful information and activities on this portal ahead of September, so please keep referring back to it. All of the video content, information and workbooks will remain live for the foreseeable future.

Parents & Guardians: for further information about joining Cleeve School, please visit our transitions pages here.


What will I wear?  How will I find my way around?  What is the food like?  Our student guidebook is designed to help your child navigate and prepare themselves for Secondary School.   You'll find a QR code link to the guidebook in your Transitions Pack.  It is also available to view here

Student Guidebook
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 Student Guidebook
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Click to see a welcome video from your new Year 7 tutor. 

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This booklet is designed for you to complete over the summer with your child and is a great resource to read with your child to enable you to discuss their thoughts and feelings about transitioning to secondary school and give positive encouragement and strategies.  We have added a great selection of resources for your child to complete in their own time to help them through the transition process.  You can either download and print the workbook, or complete it within the Powerpoint document. 

 Be Awesome Go Big: EDITABLE

Be Awesome Go Big: PRINTABLE  

The booklet goes alongside the book ‘You Are Awesome’ which can be purchased as an additional resource from Amazon here.  Interactive lessons to support the booklet are provided below.  

Session 1: Being Awesome

Session 2: Unlocking Your Mind

Session 3: Dare To Take Risks

Session 4: Making The Change

Session 5: Lost But Not Lost

Session 6: Bouncebackability

Session 7: What Is Normal Anyway?

Session 8: Friendships And Fallouts

Session 9: Living Well


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