Cleeve School

Parents' Evening Bookings

Cleeve School is now using an online booking system for Parents' Evenings.

All Parents/Guardians will be informed of their child's Parents' Evening date for the Academic Year at the Parent Information Evening held each year in September.   


Access to the Parents' Evening Booking System

Please note all Parents/Guardians will be notified by email/letter when the booking system is open for each Parent Evening.  

To access the booking system, please click the following link:     

 Guide to using the Bookings System

If you wish to download this guide, please click this link: Online Booking of Parents Evenings 

Step 1: Login 

Fill out the details on the page then click the Log In button. A confirmation of your appointments will be sent to the email address you provide.


Please use your child’s preferred forename.

Step 2: Select Parents’ Evening


Click on the date you wish to book.


Unable to make all of the dates listed? Click I'm unable to attend.

Step 3: Select Booking Mode

Choose Automatic if you'd like the system to suggest the shortest possible appointment schedule based on the times you're available to attend. Or if you'd rather choose the times to book with each teacher, choose Manual. Then press Next.


Step 4: Choose Teachers

If you chose the automatic booking mode, drag the sliders at the top of the screen to indicate the earliest and latest you can attend.


Select the teachers you’d like to book appointments with. A green tick indicates they’re selected. To de-select, click on their name.

Step 5a (Automatic): Book Appointments

If you chose the automatic booking mode, you should see provisional appointments which are held for 2 minutes. To keep them, choose Accept at the bottom left.


If it wasn’t possible to book every selected teacher during the times you are able to attend, you can either adjust the teachers you wish to meet with and try again, or switch to manual booking mode (Step 5b).

Step 5b (Manual): Book Appointments

Click any of the green cells to make an appointment. Blue cells signify where you already have an appointment. Grey cells are unavailable.


To change an appointment, delete the original by hovering over the blue box and clicking Delete. Then choose an alternate time.

Step 6: Finished

You’re now on the My Bookings page and all your bookings are below. An email confirmation has been sent and you can also print appointments from this page by pressing Print.


To change your appointments, click on Amend Bookings.