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Coronavirus Attendance Guidelines: Last updated 15.3.20

To clarify, and in the light of the most recent government advice, if your child develops symptoms of  COVID-19 , which are:

  • A new continuous cough and/or
  • A high temperature (above 37.8)

they will need to self-isolate for 7 days from when the symptoms first start and not return to school until the end of this period. Please note:

  • COVID-19 is likely to be a mild infection in most children
  • A high temperature is anything persistently over 37.8°C. If the temperature is above this figure, take it again four hours later. If still high keep your child at home.
  • A Coronavirus cough is persistent and dry. If you child coughs continuously for several hours keep your child at home.

The government advice can be found using this link:

It is, of course, important that we follow this advice to ensure that we are not at risk of spreading the virus and to ensure we keep those who are most vulnerable, safe. Like me, I am sure that we are all most concerned about the elderly and those who may already have underlying health issues, and it is our consistent individual actions around hygiene that can best help them.

No child or family will be ‘penalised’ for missing school under these circumstances. If a child is displaying some symptoms (and therefore at home), but a sibling is well and fine, then there is no reason why the sibling should be at home. This is the current government advice.  I’d emphasise that parents should talk through any cases with the school, including linked to any siblings, if questions remain. If a child is confirmed as having Coronavirus, then please alert the school immediately.

Kind Regards, 

Alwyn Richards (Principal)

 Cleeve School Attendance Guidelines

At Cleeve School we recognise the need for students to attend school regularly. We will try to make sure that students want to come to school by: 

  • Providing a curriculum that is relevant, stimulating and challenging.
  • Creating a caring and welcoming environment.
  • Making sure that behaviour follows our code of conduct. 

The school seeks the support of the parents/guardians in maintaining high standards of attendance and punctuality. 

Parents/guardians should ensure that their children arrive at school regularly and on time, by 8.40am.  Where it is not possible or practicable for a student to attend school his/her parent/guardian should: 

Notify the school preferably by telephoning the absence line (01242 662004), or contacting the school by letter or email on the first day of any absence, detailing the reason for the absence and stating an estimated return time. 

If this has not been possible due to extraordinary circumstances then a note should be sent in with the student when they return to school. 

At the end of a period of absence the parents will be expected to write a letter addressed to their child's College Leader explaining the reasons for their child’s absence. 

If a child is persistently absent from school, appropriate medical advice should be sought, and medical evidence may be requested.  Where possible pre-arranged appointments should be arranged out of school time. 

All students attending medical appointments must provide a signed note from parents confirming the date and time of the appointment which should be done in advance of the appointment and needs to be given to the College Leader.

If a note has been provided, students who are attending medical appointments first thing in the morning and arrive in school before 10.05am will receive a ‘Present Attendance’ mark. If they arrive following a medical appointment between 10.05am and 11.05am a ‘Late’ mark will be recorded. Thereafter, a Medical mark will be recorded (which is an authorised absence and will adversely affect their attendance). If no evidence of a medical appointment is provided, an absence mark will be recorded.

We encourage parents to make appointments outside of the school day wherever possible or at the very beginning or end of the school day. If a student will be having frequent appointments we request that parents inform their child’s College Leader.

Cleeve School we will look at exceptional circumstances on an individual basis.

Absence Request Form

Absence Request Form

 More information on Attendance can be found in our Attendance Policy.