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Each term we will update this page with the latest extra-curricular activities taking place at Cleeve School. Please ensure you check back regularly for updates.   

31st March 2021 - Extra-curricular activities are a big part of life at Cleeve School and it has been very disappointing that due to Covid-19, we have been unable to offer any of these activities for some time.

We are pleased to confirm that some clubs, including all PE Department extra-curricular activities, will resume after Easter, and will continue unless advised otherwise due to Covid-19 restrictions.   


 Whole School Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities (including PE clubs)  - Term 5 (v1.0 - 19/04/21)


Physical Education

 Girls Extra-Curricular Timetable 2020-21 - Term 5 (v6.0 - 19/04/21)

Boys Extra-Curricular Timetable 2020-21 - Term 5 (v6.0 - 19/04/21)