Cleeve School

Sixth Form Admissions 2021


Key Dates and Resources for 2021

 Sixth Form consultation meetings: March 2021

Conditional offers: Details TBC

Please click the buttons below to view our 2021 Prospectus and Online Application Form. 

  Prospectus 2021   

  Online Application Form

If you are submitting a late application, please use the Updated Option Columns detailed below. Please put all of your personal details into the online application form linked above BUT email your subject choices according to the new columns to

Column A Column B Column C Column D Column E
Biology Business Studies Diploma Fine Art Biology Business Studies Ext Cert
Business Studies Chinese Chemistry Business Studies English Lang & Lit
Ethics English Literature Design Technology Computer Science French
Geography Further Maths Further Maths Film Studies
History Art Graphics Film Studies Economics Geography
Health & Social Ext Cert Law History Sport Ext Cert Physics
Health & Social Ext Diploma Health & Social Ext Diploma Health & Social Ext Diploma Psychology Psychology
ICT Ext Cert Maths Law Sociology
Maths Music Sport Diploma Theatre Studies
Art Photography PE
Psychology Sociology
Core Maths Spanish Core Maths

Need help or advice?

If you have any questions about our Sixth Form, please telephone the school on 01242 672546 or email us at