Cleeve School

Trainee Testimonials

Julie Braby- Middle Years Mathematics Trainee

My name is Julie and I have been thinking about training to teach for over 20 years. Due to family commitments and a need for more subject knowledge, I did not think that my dreams were ever going to become a reality until I was directed to the unique Middle Years PGCE course offered by Cleeve School. As a mature student, the schools direct programme has been a brilliant way to train, whilst still feeling like I am contributing to the local community. I get to combine my studies with spending most of my time within schools on placement, where I have been welcomed as if I was already part of the school staff. Cleeve were also instrumental in ensuring that placements were found in my local area, to avoid excessive travel.

The professional studies sessions delivered by Cleeve have been incredible. Not only is the content and delivery of a high standard, but we are extremely fortunate, as the professionals delivering these sessions are current practitioners and can share examples from throughout their teaching careers to support the theoretical content. All the staff are extremely supportive and willing to share advice and experience in all areas of teaching. Being able to take the content of the study sessions directly into placement within a few days is one of the unique positives of this course. Whilst the content is still new, it can be applied, discussed and developed within a small timeframe.

I would really recommend Schools Direct Programme delivered by Cleeve School to anyone considering teacher training. They listened right from the point of enquiry, helped me choose the best course suited to me and then followed through to get me to where I am today. They take a real interest in their trainees and will do everything they can to ensure that you are successful.


Anya Magon - Secondary Mathematics Trainee

I really feel like my teaching practice has flourished and been nurtured throughout my time at the Cleeve Training Hub. The team have been really friendly, approachable and open to feedback, whilst supporting and encouraging us to be the best we can. The weekly sessions where we focused on techniques and teaching practices has been really useful. The small number of other trainees in our sessions, really helps ease any worries you may have as you discuss what has happened during the past week and means that you don’t feel restricted when asking (possibly embarrassing and silly) questions. The paperwork helps you reflect on your practices and discuss particular bits with either your mentor, professional lead or other members of staff around the school to enable you to improve.

I would definitely recommend the Schools Direct programme to those who may prefer a more hands-on approach to teacher training.


Matt Ball - Secondary Drama Trainee

Undertaking the Cleeve School teacher training course has been a fantastic opportunity to deep dive into teaching practice. Being on a Schools Direct course, has given me the opportunity to become involved with all aspects of school life and professional practice as a trainee teacher.

 Weekly professional studies sessions within the new Cleeve Training Hub have been a fantastic training and development opportunity, with the major benefit being that sessions are facilitated by Cleeve staff members who are experts in their field and current teaching practitioners.