Cleeve School

Values and Ethos

Aspiring, Collaborating, Transforming.

Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunities and Inspiring Futures.


Through our daily mission, we will inspire a sense of joy, happiness and curiosity, so that everyone is inspired to flourish, grow and learn within a highly aspirational environment.  We will collectively achieve extraordinary things. 

At the heart of our vision is collaboration and a partnership of community-focused schools providing an exceptional quality of ‘all-through’ education.

Our knowledge-rich, sequential curriculum will challenge, empower and liberate all students in readiness for a rapidly changing world of work.

Doors of opportunity will open for every student, enriching their learning, stimulating their talents and inspiring dreams for their futures.

We will be a Centre of Excellence for Teaching, Learning and Training, attracting, growing and retaining the very best practitioners.

Prospective families will select us because of our values, standards and expertise, inspired by our diversity, quality of care and unrelenting, daily ambition.

Our buildings and environment will reflect our ambitions and our culture will be one of belonging, exceptional self discipline and respect for others.

We will be a beacon of aspiration, hope and pride for our community, shining a light on the transformative powers of a fully inclusive school, that dares to break the mould.

The Historian AJP Taylor wrote that ‘the future is a land without maps’.  As pioneers, we are relishing the journey ahead. 

Read our Vision 2030 document here