Cleeve School

Year Group / College SYSTEM

On entry to Cleeve School, each student is allocated to a Year Group and one of five Colleges.  Each Year Group is led by a Head of Year and is supported by a Student Support Lead, and each College is led by a College Leader.

Each of our five Colleges are named after an inspirational figure linked to each department location of each College area within the school - further details below.

Supporting your child - Information for Parents/Guardians

Our Year Teams are there every day throughout your child’s journey at Cleeve School from Year 7.  After their tutor, they are your main point of contact should you have a question or concern about your child.

Our College system provides a wide range of opportunities for students, in order to promote an ethos of participation and team spirit, and to allow students to develop skills and talents beyond the curriculum, in particular leadership skills.  There will be a number of opportunities throughout each year for students to participate in individual and team events in order to develop their confidence, as well as skills and talents.

Parents/Guardians can contact their child’s Head of Year or Student Support Lead using the following email addresses:


Miss I Farrel 

Mrs K Johnson 


Miss E Davidson 


 Mrs G Clipsom(Mon - Thurs) 


Mrs E Haile (Fri) 


Mr G Peacock 


 Mrs R Clapton 


Mrs J O'Regan 

 Ms R Poyntz-Wright 


Mr J Sparey 


Mrs V Pickering 



Meet our College Team


(Sir David Attenborough) 

"Attenborough College is based in the ICT, Music and Science area of the school. Attenborough College’s ethos is concentrated around the key themes of: Success despite adversity, Perseverance, Self-belief, Respect, Determination, Teamwork and Passion; these key words will underpin all that we do with the students. Just as David Attenborough had, and at the age of ninety still has, the passion, commitment and self-belief that he was absolutely right to educate humankind’s responsibility to conserving this planet, so too do I want our students to have that determination, passion and self-worth to achieve whilst respecting and supporting others."

Attenborough College LeaderMiss N Brooks (



(Dame Kelly Holmes)

"Holmes College takes up the area of the school with the PE, D&T and ART departments. Our College motto is ‘Dream, Believe, Achieve, Succeed', the idea that we all have something we are striving to succeed in, working together to help one another achieve our goals and that we challenge the obstacles that come in our way. Our college colour is red, this stands for courage, inner strength, dedication and will power. It reflects our energy and optimism. We will be seen as being a dynamic and powerful college."

Holmes College Leader - Mrs S Gow ( )



(Florence Nightingale)

"The vision for Nightingale College is success, in all manner, shapes and forms. Through passion, determination, ambition, belief and trust – students, staff and parents, will support the school and each other to strive to achieve the very best. Having been named after Florence Nightingale and supporting the colour light blue, Nightingale College retains characteristics of strength, solidarity, commitment and will become a leading light here at Cleeve, academically and within the fantastic enrichment opportunities we have to offer."

Nightingale College Leader Mr G Fradgley (



(JK Rowling) 

"Rowling College, named after the famous writer and philanthropist, JK Rowling is represented in purple and is based in the following four areas: English, Drama, Business Studies and Modern Foreign Languages. JK Rowling inspires our college in many ways and it is important that we all reinforce the key messages passed on through success of the Harry Potter books: perseverance, independence, friendship, creativity, enthusiasm and humility to name a few. These key concepts have helped us decide on our College strapline: “Believe and Beyond” – we feel it gives a strong message that students should trust themselves and others whilst always try to challenge themselves beyond what they are currently achieving."

Rowling College Leader - Mrs A Cyrson (



(Sir Ernest Shackleton) 

Shackleton's story embodies one of courage, triumph against adversity and a spirit of adventure. Shackleton showed that friendship, ambition, determination and team work were all pivotal during his Antarctic ventures and I see these as the key values for our College. 

Shackleton College Leader - Mr N Wood   (




 The College names and ethos were agreed by a number of stakeholders including students, staff, Governors and parent champions. The College logos were designed by students as part of a competition.